LMLAD Division Chief Atty. Hisham Ala Biruar, CPA, served as the speaker in Bangsamoro Ngayon Teleradyo last October 6, 2022.

Atty. Biruar noted that for the transition, the current Parliament has no majority and minority floor leaders since all the MPs unanimously voted for MP Pangalian M. Balindong as the Speaker.

He also emphasized the duties of newly appointed BTA officers. According to Atty. Biruar, MPs have three primary functions: Legislation, Representation, and Oversight. MPs should represent their constituents. They should also check the Ministries and Bangsamoro Offices to ensure that the laws are faithfully executed in the Parliament.

Among these three, the primary role of MPs is legislation. MPs are tasked to pass bills and resolutions to address the institutional, political, social, and economic needs within the Bangsamoro region.

Lastly, Atty. Biruar stressed the mandates and functions of the Policy Research and Legal Services (PRLS) and its Divisions. He distinguished that while the Legislative Research Division (LRD) is mandated to do research needed for bills and resolutions, LMLAD ensures that bills and resolutions are consistent with the national and regional laws; the Division also addresses any legal concerns that affect the parliament, such as legal assistance and queries. 

| via Madani Sultan

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