Policy Notes are impartial assessments and analyses on issues of legislative significance. The notes aim to provide research-based inputs to the Members of the Parliament, which include a condensed version of discussion papers, policies, bills, legislative works and studies pertinent to Bangsamoro legislative agenda. It has a maximum of 1000 to 1,500 words including the references and with a specific outline of:

  • Executive Summary (200 words)
  • Background (300-500 words)
  • Policy Issue (1 sentence)
  • Data and Findings (300-500 words)
  • Recommendations (300-500 words)
  • Salient Points (3-5 highlights of the entire policy notes)
  • References

Below is a list of Policy Notes.

Policy Note 1: On the Production of Educational Materials tailored to the Needs of the Bangsamoro People (released on December 27, 2021)