Legislative Briefs

In the spirit of abiding by our mandate, mission-vision, and focal service areas, PRLS initiates works (referred here as “Legislative Briefs“) that are timely relevant and essential to providing succinct scrutiny and analysis of select legislative measures, agendas, concerns, and existing laws. There are types of legislative briefs divided between LRD (Legislative Research Division) and LMLAD (Legislative Measures and Legal Assistance Division).

LRD Legislative Briefs

(1) Policy Notes are impartial assessments and analyses on issues of legislative significance. The notes aim to provide research-based inputs to the Members of the Parliament, which include a condensed version of discussion papers, policies, bills, legislative works and studies pertinent to Bangsamoro legislative agenda.

(2) Policy Commentaries are short and focused essays that provide a timely and policy-relevant commentary and analysis of topics and contemporary issues within the Bangsamoro Legislative Agenda.

(3) Legislative Fact Sheets are composed of curated information prepared by PRLS. Collected facts, descriptions, and statistics are evaluated based on their relevance, soundness, and their potential to enrich and substantiate discussions on legislation proposed by the Bangsamoro Parliament. This publication is specifically written and designed towards helping members of the Parliament as well as members of parliamentary and statutory committees, in crafting sound and rational laws for the Bangsamoro.

LMLAD Legislative Briefs

(1) Legal Opinions refer to a response to an existing query on legal matters and review of legal documents affecting the Bangsamoro Parliament upon request from a Member of the Parliament and/or Parliamentary Professionals.

(2) Legal Commentaries is an unofficial text on Bangsamoro Autonomy Acts, through the conduct of legal research activities, in aid of legislation. This is a legal review of existing laws which provides analyses on their legislative history, policy background, and provisions.

(3) Legal Primers are summarized versions of Bangsamoro Autonomy Acts underscoring salient provisions therein.