The Management Committee (ManCom)

The PRLS Management Committee (ManCom) is the highest democratic decision-making body of the entire Service regarding technical, administrative, mandate-related, and other unexpected issues. It is task to smoothen communication and operational process flow and serves as the first level to resolve any grievance from any staff member to prevent conflicts and avoid miscommunication. The ManCom shall serve as the overall ruling body to aid, hear, listen, and protect the welfare and security of all PRLS staff.

Division’s weekly or monthly meetings must happen before commencing the PRLS ManCom meeting, which is regularly held at the end of the month, in order to relay the division’s plans, discuss issues, assess deliverables, among others. The ManCom must always be consulted for any plans, projects, programs, etc., which the division is planning to implement, especially its implication to the overall Service operations.

The members of the PRLS Management Committee

Technical Staff Representation

Administrative Staff Representation