Staff of the Office of the Service Director

The PRLS Office of the Service Director (OSD) supervises the entire management operations, organizes Mandate-relevant activities, evaluates the works of the divisions, oversees legislative analyses and legislative briefs, facilitates legislative talks and workshops, initiates stakeholder’s partnerships, and manages its virtual presence. To assist in the management function and aid the two divisions, the OSD selected the finest and most competent technical and administrative staff shown below.

Technical Staff

Nashrolah Sumali Langco, a Legislative Staff Officer II, is a Meranao who earned his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, magna cum laude, in 2018 from the University of the Philippines Diliman. Currently, he is pursuing a graduate degree in Philosophy from the same university. Prior to working with the PRLS, he worked in the retail industry, as well as with the academe, working as a graduate assistant in the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy in the University of the Philippines Diliman, and as an assistant lecturer in Mindanao State University – General Santos City, teaching undergraduate students general education courses such as Ethics and Understanding the Self. He was also engaged in several student activities and organizations during his undergraduate years, being both a member as well as an officer in several student organizations. His main research interests lie in the field of political theory. 

Moh’d Al-Khaleel Atiolla Bogabong, a Legislative Staff Officer IV, is of Meranao and Tausug descent. He has completed his undergraduate degree as a Magna Cum Laude, Foreign Language Education graduate, at the Middle East Technical University, Ankara, under the supervision and support of the ICAD foundation, a foundation that promotes universal interfaith dialogue and high-quality education. Under the same organization, he has served three years as the acting supervisor for Filipino-scholar students in Turkey. He has an excellent command of the English and Turkish language. He has been a constant aide and representative of the ICAD organization in relief operations not only limited in the National Capital Region (NCR) but in the Mindanao region as well, most notably Marawi city and Zamboanga city. He has been a Checkpoint Cambridge curriculum teacher for two years and five years as an IGCSE and AS English language teacher in Fountain International School. Moreover, he has also organized religious activities and Islamic lectures under the Harmony and Wisdom foundation on a weekly basis. Growing up with different social backgrounds and in a Christian community, he has developed a strong inclination towards promoting interfaith dialogue; as a matter of fact, he is among the pioneering batch of the Silsilah Interfaith Dialogue movement in Zamboanga. Moreover, with his solid experience of seven years in the field of education, he has been notably known as an active leader, an interfaith-dialogue organizer, and a community volunteer. As a teacher who advocates social transformation for his students, he also aims to help the Moro people develop a sense of social awareness and moral responsibility. It is his ultimate goal to provide a better education and promote peace and moral responsibility among people with different socio-cultural backgrounds.

Gurhan Anjalin Adan, a Legislative Staff Officer II, is a Tausug from Zamboanga City, an MA holder in Islamic Studies from the University of the Philippines Diliman, a Shariah Counselor-at-Law, and a BA holder in Social Studies from Western Mindanao State University. His MA thesis, “Al Ulama Warasatul Anbiya: Exploring HIV/AIDS Knowledge, Attitudes, and Engagements of selected Ulama in Metro Manila,” is a pioneer study in the Philippines on the engagements of Ulama in addressing HIV/AIDS, and an attempt to reach the gap between the Ulama and sexually related social issues. After graduating, he worked as a researcher and Muslim consultant at the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ Center for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism for a book project entitled “Inside the Abu Sayyaf Minds”. During his stay in UP Diliman, he worked as a Graduate Assistant to three offices: (1) Institute of Islamic Studies, (2) Office of Students Projects and Activities, and (3) College of Arts and Letters Library where he undertook research, clerical, and technical assistance. He worked as a Tausug translator in the United Voice for Peace Network (UVPN) and Assessment Curriculum and Technology Research Center (ACTRC). During his college years, he is a member of the secretariat of the Ulama Council of Zamboanga Peninsula for three years providing secretarial, communication, program organization, and facilitation services, and as a Student Assistant at the University Library in Western Mindanao State University. He is actively involved in youth organizations manifested as first president of the Shabab At-Taawun Youth, the organization that started the free Madrasa Summer class in Barangay Sinunuc, and one of the founders of the Salam Community Youth Affairs, the formal youth organization of Salam Compound, Culiat, Quezon City, among others. His years of training helped him developed his research and writing skills, community development, communication, and leadership skills. His research interests include Research methodology, Ulama, Muslims in the Philippines, Code of Muslim Personal Laws of the Philippines, Anthropology, History, and Culture.

Sunshine Rose B. Cruz, a Legal Assistant II, is a Tagalog originated from Pasay with a position of senior marketing and advertising manager in the Fountain International School for four years. She has worked in the BARMM under the minority floor leader as a graphic artist and social media manager. Her competitive mindset and visionary perspective have earned her the opportunity to work with well-known establishments such as Cambridge press.

Shahid Calalagan, a Legislative Staff Assistant II, is a Maguindanaoan who worked as a Procurement Officer in Jally Trading (2020-2022). During his undergraduate degree, He took a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Saint Columban College (2015-2019). He was also the Vice President of the Political Science Association for Young Statesmen, an academic organization (POLISAYS-SCC), and Vice President of the Muslim Student Organization (MSO-SCC), a non-academic organization. He also took his Master in International Studies at Miriam College (2020-2022). His specialization in the MA lies in the Leadership and Global Change track. Currently, he concentrated his area of research on the scopes of Ethnic Politics and Foreign Policy and Security.

Administrative Staff

Musthafa Mazhar Paguital Ali, an Administrative Assistant VI, is a Maguindanaoan and a former recipient of the Mangudadatu’s Mag-PEACE scholarship for the bachelor’s degree in Business Administration major in Marketing (2013-17, Cotabato City State Polytechnic College). He worked at Robinsons Department Store in Cotabato as a Promo clerk assigned to maintain the merchandise display and surpassed the given monthly sales budget in which he achieved in three consecutives as a Master in sales and best employee of the succeeding months. He also worked as Administrative Aide I at the Department of Public Works and Highways, Region XII CCDEO (2020-2021), at the Record Section where his task is to receive files and record all projects of the department. Aside from being an Admin Aide, he was appointed as a Liaison officer responsible for processing payment of bills and transporting files to other agencies. Moreover, he worked as an Election Assistant at the Commission on Elections in the Province of Talayan, Datu Anggal, Maguindanao, where he encoded the information of the applicants and gave them their certificates after registration. Presently, as an Admin Aide V of the PRLS (Policy Research and Legal Services) Director’s office at BTA–BARMM, he is accountable for receiving, recording the files, maintaining the office’s supplies, and distributing the files to other offices of the regional government.

Afra Asim Katua, an Administrative Assistant I, is a Maguindanaon and a former scholar (Mangudadatu’s MagPEACE scholarship) until she earned her Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree from Cotabato City State Polytechnic College (2014-2015), a former member of Salamindanao Dance Company (2011-2015). After graduation, she worked at Puregold Price Club, Inc. as cashier for six months, she was a Customer Service Staff for a year and promoted as Acting Team leader. She previously worked at Robinsons Department Store as Department Head/Supervisor for three years.

Jamin Kanakan Lingga, an Administrative Assistant II, is a Maguindanaon who holds BS in Computer Science at the Zamboanga del Maritime Institute of Technology, Pagadian City, and with work experience as computer operator, cameraman, and driver at the Department of Agriculture, Cotabato City, in 2000-10; as field officer at (CEMARDDEC) USM, Kabacan, North Cotabato in 2010-14; as Safety Officer at the Eventwo Company, State of Qatar in 2014-16; as Supervisor at HAMCI (NGO) Pagadian City in 2016-19; and as Supervisor at the Nirvana Construction, Supervisor, Koronadal City in 2019-21.