LRD Staff

The Legislative Research Division (LRD) is primarily responsible for the conduct of research works and studies on major legislation, policy issues, and other specific legislative concerns of the Parliament. This division prepares opinions, analyses, briefing papers, and other forms of research assistance in response to queries or requests from the Members of the Parliament, their staff, and other offices in the Parliament. The division also carries out necessary research and survey activities on Parliament’s areas of concern for enhancing their administrative programs, policies, and shall create reports for evaluation. Upon request by any member of the Parliament, it may also entertain confidential inquiries in line with their legislative functions.

Technical Staff

Kebart Peligro Licayan is a Boholano who works on the study of suicide terrorism in the Philippines. He graduated from Rizal Technological University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a master’s degree in International Relations from S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He also has a non-degree Certificate in Terrorism Studies from the same University and a degree certificate program in Peace and Conflict Resolution Education from Miriam College. He previously worked at the UP Center for Integrative and Development Studies as a Senior Project Assistant for Decolonial Studies and as a Student Research Assistant at RSIS, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He is a lecturer at Far Eastern University-Manila and Miriam College, where he teaches Political Science and International Relations to undergraduate and graduate students. He is an active steering committee member of the Philippine International Studies Organization (PHISO).

Robin Christine Manikan Asbury is a Filipino-American PhD candidate in Islamic History and Art from Marmara University in Istanbul, Turkey. She holds an MA in Islamic Studies and BA in Anthropology, Cum Laude, from the University of the Philippines Diliman. She has conducted field work both in the Philippines and abroad as well as published both academic and non-academic works relating to history, anthropology, Islam, art history, and identity. She has previously worked several projects including documenting human rights violations in Egypt and prior to that she had a stint as international human rights monitor in the Palestinian Territories. Her main research interests include: the construction of religious identity, heterodoxic religious manifestations, and Turkic-Islamic art.

Muhammad Ashraf Abdulracman Sarip is a Meranao who has more than 15 years of extensive exposures both local and international in the field of education, leadership, civic engagement, humanitarian aid, religious dialogue, business and entrepreneurship. His research interests are History of Science in Islam, Islamic Geography and Cartography, Islamic Navigation, Business Trade in Medieval Islam, Philosophy, Islamic Governance, Islamic Civilization, European Geography and Cartography, Islamic Codicology, and Muslim Cultures and Societies. He was an exchange student to the United States under the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study program in 2004. Mr. Sarip finished his BSc Business Administration at the Xavier University–Ateneo de Cagayan as Henry Howard Scholarship grantee and attended the Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry in Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, USA. He served the Philippine’s Bureau of Immigration between 2012-2013 and moved to Turkey in later part of 2013 to pursue further studies in MA History of Science at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University. In 2019, he was one of the eight students presented to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for his successful completion of the History of Science program in the Presidential Complex in Ankara. Mr. Sarip also participated in Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Traineeship Program twice in Germany and France in 2017 and 2019, respectively. His MA thesis is entitled “Al-Idrīsī and A Translation and Commentary about the Far East from His Nuzhat Al-Mushtāq.” At present, he is writing his doctoral thesis entitled “Islamic Visual Representation of the World in Al-Idrīsī’s Kitāb Nuzhat al-Mushtāq Fī Ikhtirāq Al-Āfāq and His Influence on European Cartography Between 13th-15th Centuries” at the same university in Istanbul.

Lahmodin Mustapha Balabagan is a Maguindanaon who hails from Lagunde, Pikit in North Cotabato which is now part of BARMM. He holds BA Islamic Studies, Cum Laude, from the University of Southern Mindanao and presently an MA candidate in Islamic Studies at the University of the Philippines Diliman as a recipient of the Commission on Higher Education’s K to 12 Transition Scholarship program. He is working on his thesis entitled “Empowering Islamic Education in the Philippines: Addressing the Challenge of Relevance in the 21st Century”. He has been teaching in the department of Islamic Studies of the University of Southern Mindanao since 2015, handling undergraduate courses in Shari’ah and Islamic Jurisprudence, Research, Islamic Philosophy, History of Islam, History of Muslims and Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines, Islamic Commercial Laws, Comparative Study of World Religions, and Introduction to Halal Studies. Prior to this, he served as project technical staff under the Office of Student Affairs in the same University, assisting student recipients of different government-sponsored undergraduate scholarship programs. His research interests are in the areas of Islamic education, Halal industry, Islamic law, and the nexus between socio-political events in the Bangsamoro and political movements in other areas of the Muslim world. He comes from a lengthy line of Moro revolutionaries who fought for the Bangsamoro right to self-determination since the Martial Law era and served as a volunteer for the Bangsamoro Free Elections Movement (BFEM) during the 2019 BARMM Plebiscite – acting as municipal monitoring officer to ensure free and honest elections, as well as to prevent escalation of election-related conflict and violence.

Mc Erschad Dimacisil Pabillan is a Maguindanaoan and a graduate of BS Chemical Engineering in UP Diliman last July 2020. He is currently studying Master in Engineering major in Chemical Engineering in Cebu Institute of Technology University. His group thesis entitled “Decentralized versus Clustered Microgrids: An Energy System Study for Reliable Off-grid Electrification of Small Islands” was published in Energies last August 2020. In his extracurricular activities, he was the Vice President for Internal Relation of UP Muslim Student Association in AY 2019-2020, Vice President for Finance of UP Muslim Student Association in AY 2017-2018, and the Vice President for Finance in Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers-Junior Chapter Luzon in AY 2018-2019. He is also a member of Chemical Engineering Society. For his work experience, he was a student assistant of UP Third World Studies Center. His research areas focus on policy recommendations regarding energy, environment, risk analysis and communication. His method includes the use of technology in policy research making, analysis, and evaluation. As Executive Assistant II (Legislative Staff Officer III) of the PRLS Director’s Office, he assists the Division with communication and performs research in support of legislative evaluations, which includes preparing reports, briefings, and other technical papers. He is also a member of Technical Working Group (TWG) responsible for drafting the Midyear Accomplishment Report of the PRLS.

Aisah Panolong Solaiman is a Meranao who holds two degrees: Islamic Studies for her master’s degree and International Relations for her undergraduate; she earned the former at the University of the Philippines-Diliman (2018), while the latter at the Mindanao State University-Main Campus (2015). She was a recipient of numerous scholarship programs such as Special Muslim Grantee, Integrative Center for Alternative Development (ICAD) Foundation, Inc. Scholar, and Institute of Islamic Studies Fellows. Previously, she worked as Corporate Secretary at a Private Company and was National Olympic Committee (NOC)-Office Staff Consultant during the 2019 South East Asian Games. Likewise, she served as a part-time lecturer of Islam, Values, and Dialogue at ICAD Foundation, Inc.  In her spare time, she finds herself doing many volunteer activities in INGOs and NGOs such as Catholic for Reproductive Health and Global Peace Foundation, to name a few, which had her exposed to different issues championed by these institutions, including promotion of peace in Mindanao and reproductive health for the welfare of the Filipino nation. Ms. Solaiman’s research interests include Islamic Banking and Finance; Bangsamoro history, issues, and policies; Code of Muslim Personal Laws of the Philippines (PD1083); and Islamic Rulings/Law.

Administrative Staff

Mitra Maut Sali is a Tausug from Tawi-Tawi and a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Public Administration in Mindanao State University Main Campus Marawi City last April 1,1997 and a member of the Darangan Culture Dance Company. He earned 39 units in Master of Public Administration major in Organization and Management and have completed the Magna Carta 34 units Education Subjects at Jamiatu Marawi Al-Islamia Foundation 2008-2009. He is currently working on his Master of Education, major in Educational Management, at Saint Michel’s College Iligan City. He was working in Jamiatu Marawi Al-Islamia Foundation as Teacher in High School from 2002-2004, and elevated to College as NSTP Coordinator from 2004 to 2008, College Secretary from 2008 to 20013, and Assistant Dean of the College of Education from 20013-20015 and Acting Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences from 20015 to 20017. In his extra co-curricular activities, he was elected Vice President for Internal during the 14th Series of Shari’ah Training seminar for Lanao Area sponsored by NCMF held at Social Hall, New Capitol Complex, Marawi City from November 9, 2014 to December 25, 2014. He was chosen as one of the active members of the Fraternal Order of Eagles Philippine, Eagle MSU main Club/Chapter in 2008. In 2011, he was elected Charter Club President of the JMIF Eagle Club. He was appointed as National Commissioner of the Philippine Eagle.

Nazrin Manabilang Adiong is a Meranao who is a BS Tourism graduate of the Trinity University of Asia and worked for almost four years as support staff at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza while training as a reception desk officer recommended by the JCI Marketing Group. She obtained training certificate course in Tourism as part of the Asia Pacific Cruise Ship Educational trip in Singapore. In 2018-19, she worked at the MediCard Philippines, member of the Health Maintenance Organization, who offer total healthcare services nationwide.

Junaimah Manabilang Rasuman is a Meranao who is an MSU-IIT BS Education (Cum Laude) graduate which she automatically obtained the CSC Honor Eligibility. In 2019, she passed the Licensure Examination for Professional Teacher. Presently, she is an MA candidate in Technical Vocational and Livelihood Education at the same university.

Defcon Israel Medel Tan is a Maguindanaoan who was working previously as administrative aide at the ODA Coordination and Management of ARMM. He obtained a vocational course in computer programming at the Notre Dame–RVM College of Cotabato.