Mr Vincent Lubay Casil, PhD Candidate ABD, is the Supervising Legislative Staff Officer II of the PRLS Research Division.

Vincent Lubay Casil was born and raised in Malabon City. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from Philippine Christian University and Master’s Degree in Philosophy from Ateneo de Manila University, where he defended his thesis entitled, Marx’s Idealism: The Epistemology of Manuscripts of 1844. He also spent a semester at Guangxi University, China under the School of Marxism’s Phd in Marxist philosophy program. He is currently working on Phd in Philippine Studies at the University of the Philippines, where he is exploring questions of political economy and how this notion intersects on the development of democracy in the Bangsamoro region. He is one of the recipients of China-ASEAN University Network Scholarship on 2020.

Vincent was a former faculty member of Department of Philosophy at the Ateneo de Manila University. He is also affiliated as a faculty member of department of Theology and Philosophy of Dela Salle-College of St. Benilde, Lyceum of the Philippines University, and Philippine Christian University. In these Universities, he has delivered courses on Ethics, Humanities, Socio-political philosophy, Marxist Philosophy, and other related subjects.

As an academic, he has also taught research courses to Political Science and Public Administration students at the City of Malabon University. Here, he supervised policy-related studies, some of them include, The Child and Youth Welfare Code in Malabon City (2018), The Effectivity of Lupong Tagapamayapa in Barangay Longos, Malabon City (2017), A Philippine Strategic Defense Alliance Framework Based on a Revaluation of PH-US Defense Alliance (2017), and The Implementation of Cash Conditional Transfer Program in Barangay Acacia, Malabon City (2015).

His published and presented articles include: the different manifestations of alienation, readings on Heidegger and Marx’s philosophy, and issues on justice, misrecognition, and formation of subjectivities in the Philippine society. Some of the recent ones include A Review Essay of“Moral Politics in the Philippines: Inequality, Democracy, and the Urban Poor (2020), Marx’s Epistemology and the Problem of Conflated Idealisms (2019), The Protest Votes of the Alienated Population: The Rise of Duterte’s Populism (2019), and The Populist and the Alienated Population: Duterte and the Middle-Class Protest Votes (2018).

As part of Policy Research and Legal Services, he has experienced writing reviews and commentaries on policies and legislations of the members of the parliament. He has provided support in planning and conducting seminars, trainings, and workshops for the different offices in the parliament, and worked on designing and authoring research on policy-related matters relevant to BARMM.

At present, his research is focused on exploring the concepts and issues of moral governance of the Bangsamoro. He recently wrote a paper on Merit-based Recruitment: Exploration of the Concept of Merit in the Bangsamoro (2021), where he enriched the notion of merit-based hiring in view of the principles of faith, freedom, moral authority, common good, and social ethics.

Legislative Research Division