Legislative Research Division (LRD)

The Legislative Research Division (LRD) is primarily responsible for the conduct of research works and studies on major legislation, policy issues, and other specific legislative concerns of the Parliament. This division prepares opinions, analyses, briefing papers, and other forms of research assistance in response to queries or requests from the Members of the Parliament, their staff, and other offices in the Parliament. The division also carries out necessary research and survey activities on Parliament’s areas of concern for enhancing their administrative programs, policies, and shall create reports for evaluation. Upon request by any member of the Parliament, it may also entertain confidential inquiries in line with their legislative functions.

Strategy: Use of multiperspective critical thinking and lived experiences of the Bangsamoro people.

Goal: Conduct reviews and research studies on legislative works, enacted laws, policy issues, and other specific legislative concerns of the Parliament.

Objective: Carry out necessary reviews and research activities of the Parliament’s areas of concern constituting legislative programs, policies, and evaluative reports.

Action Plan: Upon request by any Member of the Parliament, the research division office shall provide materials in aid for a multidisciplinary analysis on matters pertaining to legislative programs, concerns, measures, and policy issues.

Legislative Research Division