The PRLS Office of the Service Director supervises the entire management operations, organizes Mandate-relevant activities, evaluates the works of the divisions, oversees legislative analyses and legislative briefs, facilitates legislative talks and workshops, initiates stakeholder’s partnerships, and manages its virtual presence. It has two divisions that carry and deliver specific focal service areas.

(1) Legislative Research Division produces policy analyses, policy notes, committee bill reviews, policy commentaries, and legislative fact sheets, and conducts legislative talks and workshops.

(2) Legislative Measures and Legal Assistance Division constructs legal reviews, legal opinions, committee bill reviews, legal commentaries, and legal primers, including legal assistance on Parliament-related issues, and conducts legislative talks and workshops.

Below is the current divisional structure of PRLS:

Here is the proposed organizational structure of PRLS in the coming years.

Below is the organizational structure of the Parliament’s offices:

The Parliamentary Professionals of the Policy Research and Legal Services.

Due to tremendous cuts in the PRLS budget for the year 2022, a huge decrease in the job positions and corresponding salary grades was inevitable. And almost 8-10 technical and administrative staff were laid off.

PRLS Office of the Service Director

  1. Nassef Manabilang Adiong – Director II
  2. Nashrolah S. Langco – Legislative Staff Officer II
  3. Moh’d Al-Khaleel A. Bogabong –
  4. Gurhan A. Adan – Legislative Staff Officer II
  5. Shahid Calalagan
  6. Musthafa Mazhar P. Ali –
  7. Jamin Kanakan Lingga –

PRLS Legislative Research Division

  1. Vincent L. Casil – Supervising Legislative Staff Officer II
  2. Kebart P. Licayan – Legislative Staff Officer III
  3. Anisah U. Lingga – Legislative Staff Officer II
  4. Madani Amerol Sultan – Legislative Staff Officer IV
  5. Mc Erschad D. Pabillan –
  6. Aisah P. Solaiman –
  7. Lahmodin M. Balabagan –
  8. Nazrin M. Adiong –
  9. Junaimah M. Rasuman –
  10. Humaid L. Disocor –
  11. Michelle Retes –
  12. Defcon Israel M. Tan –

PRLS Legislative Measures and Legal Assistance Division

  1. Hisham Nazz Ala Biruar – Attorney V
  2. Alianna Arnica A. Mambatao, – Legislative Staff Officer IV
  3. Benyamen H. Salic – Legislative Staff Officer III
  4. Asmin P. Abdullah – Legislative Staff Officer III
  5. Saima B. Mamalo –
  6. Bai Zhan Ala Sinsuat –
  7. Nur-Aima Basir Mortaba –
  8. Abdul Wahid I. Tocalo –
  9. Jameerol Rashad –
  10. Sunshine Rose C. Bogabong –
  11. Afra A. Katua –
  12. Marc Herschad D. Pabillan –

Thankful for the services contributed by:

  1. Muhammad Ashraf A. Sarip – Administrative Officer II
  2. Robin Christine M. Asbury – Administrative Officer II
  3. Datucan M. Ali – Executive Assistant III
  4. Nurhainon Lakim – Executive Assistant III  
  5. Mohamad Rayyan M. Domado – Administrative Officer V  
  6. Judy Ann A. Lubiano – Administrative Officer IV  
  7. Nor-Aiza R. Unas – Administrative Officer III
  8. Joharry T. Lacoto – Administrative Assistant I
  9. Aminola Olowa Manabilang – Administrative Aide I
  10. Mitra M. Sali – Administrative Aide I
  11. Mohajiroe M. Lauban – Need-based Consultant