Vision, Mission, Goals, and Values

The PRLS is duty-bound to uphold its vision, mission, goals, and values in providing research-grounded legislation and legal assistance. The approved and adopted vision, mission, goals, and values by the PRLS as a team on December 15-17, 2021 are:


PRLS is constituted of committed parliamentary professionals envisioned to ignite and advance the culture of legislative research and legal services in the Bangsamoro Parliament.


  1. To create a significant space to homegrown ways of knowing and world-making grounded on lived experiences of the Bangsamoro;
  2. To produce quality research and legal services in the Bangsamoro Parliament; and
  3. To promote a multiperspectivist thinking in aid of formulating policies and legislation.


  1. Serve as one of the primary institutions for policy research and legal services in the Bangsamoro region.
  2. Equip the Service with advanced knowledge pertinent to the PRLS mandate.
  3. Strengthen partnerships with relevant stakeholders.
  4. Nurture a diverse, inclusive, multicultural, religio-pluralistic, and safe workplace.


Envisaging a tolerant society for both Muslims and non-Muslims, the PRLS is guided by the esprit de corps of “moral governance” conduit to the following principles:

  1. Credible and Truthful
  2. Judicious, Logical, and Participatory
  3. Action-oriented and Generative
  4. Systematic and Methodical
  5. Multidisciplinary and integrative
  6. Reductive and Replicable
  7. Time-bounded and Cost-effective