Our Mandate

Under the Divisional Structure of the Bangsamoro Parliament and exemplified by the December 2020’s Resolution No. 96, the Policy Research and Legal Services (PRLS) shall provide support to the Members of the Parliament—including the Parliament’s departments and division offices—with scholarly, systematic, and legal exertions of reviews, analyses, studies, and research utilizing multidisciplinary and legal approaches across legislative measures, programs, concerns, agenda, policy issues, and legal needs. PRLS advances a research culture grounded on multiperspectivist thinking both critical and jurisprudential, including lived experiences of the Bangsamoro peoples in addressing the following focal service areas:

1. Review of MP requests on existing laws—whether in local, regional, and national—and proposed bills in the Parliament.

2. Assistance in drafting the legislative measures constituting bills and resolutions in the Parliament.

3. Review of drafts of legal documents such as MOU, MOA, contracts, among others, in relation to matters affecting the Parliament.

4. Response to policy inquiries and legal requests in matters affecting the Parliament.

5. Request for technical assistance on policy and legal matters.

6. Conduct of activities within the Bangsamoro Research and Legal Services Program.