Service Manual of Operations

It is with honor and pride to present the first version of the Service Manual of Operations of the Policy Research and Legal Services. It contains the systems, processes, policies, and procedures of each PRLS Division which reflect the discipline and rigor of the PRLS staff in performing office functions. The PRLS is committed to work and serve with professionalism and competence to deliver prompt and quality service.

Guided by the mandate of the Bangsamoro Parliament, and taking cognizance of the functions of PRLS, producing the Manual is a key step in the department’s continuing progression towards excellence and efficiency in its operations. This Manual primarily serves as a guide for current and future staff in performing the duties and responsibilities in running office operations to maintain standards of operational excellence while at the same time making the public aware of the structure, duties and responsibilities, and processes of the PRLS.

This living document, discussed and deliberated in depth based on months of work as activated, is a testament to the hard work put by each PRLS staff in gearing towards igniting the culture of research for the betterment of the Bangsamoro people in working operationally in service of the Bangsamoro.