Accomplishment Reports

We are proud to present our accomplishment reports containing PRLS engagements, including completed and ongoing research works, list of accomplished and ongoing review tasks requested by Members of the Parliament, and concept notes of Bills and Resolutions PRLS thought to be critically important to the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM).

In an effort to contribute to the role of the Bangsamoro Parliament in exercising its legislation and representation functions, the PRLS has been dynamically exemplifying such functions through its research-grounded and legal assistance to the Members of the Parliament, including the Parliamentary Professionals, and the Bangsamoro region at large. For the legislation services, the office has produced four (4) Policy Commentaries as analyses of timely and relevant topics and issues in the region,  twenty-one (21) Legal Reviews as in-depth and comprehensive reviews of drafted bills and resolutions of the Parliament Members and Parliamentary professionals, six (6) Policy Notes pertinent to the Bangsamoro legislative agenda,  five (5) Legal Commentaries that provide legislative history, policy background, and provisions of legislative measures, ten (10) Legal Opinions as responses to queries on legal matters and review of legal documents requested by Parliament Members and Parliamentary professionals, two (2) Legislative Fact Sheets that provide facts, descriptions, and statistics of legislations proposed by the Parliament, five (5) Legal Primers of Bangsamoro Autonomy Acts, and one (1) Special Issue containing a Primer to Parliamentary Petition Committee.

In accordance with the representation function, the PRLS has initiated organizing talks and/or events that are of paramount importance in furtherance of theoretical and practical understanding of the Bangsamoro to the public, such as the virtual talk Understanding Mechanism and Strategies to deal with the Past in the times of Transition with Assoc. Prof. Arnaud Kurze of Montclair State University and Assoc. Prof. Christopher Lamont of Tokyo International University as the distinguished speakers; the virtual talk on the history of the Bangsamoro with Potre Dirampatan-Diampuan, PhD as the invited speaker; and the competition on policy and legal commentaries on issues relevant to the Bangsamoro Foundation Day. Furthermore, there were talks convened by the PRLS in partnership with other ministries and organizations in the BARMM. Some of which were the Executive-Legislative Workshop on the Bangsamoro Local Government Code with the MILG-BARMM, where the PRLS delivered a series of legal opinions and policy commentaries on different analytical views; the Bangsamoro Parliament Lecture Series funded by the OPS to strengthen the legislative linkage and partnership with the BARMM LGUs; and the capacity-building trainings with the European Union-funded program, SUBATRA, such as the seminar-workshop on law drafting, the round-table discussion on Legislative Research, Law Drafting, and Bangsamoro Analytical Cases on pressing issues, and the Bangsamoro Transition Parliament Legislative Agenda Workshop in Support to Esteemed Members of the Parliament.

The PRLS has likewise been active in sharing inputs relevant to its research and legislative services upon the invitations of several ministries, BTA offices, members of the Parliament, and organizations in the region. Some of the highlights were the policy research workshop on investments in the BARMM for the MTIT personnel; the research mentorship program for the MOH personnel; the Policy Research and Formulation Workshop on Strengthening Gender and Development (GAD) and Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Agenda for BWC delegates; the lecture on policy and legal research to local government officials and staff of Lanao del Sur during the Bangsamoro Parliament and the People: Introduction to the Bangsamoro Lecture Series organized by the OPS; the lecture for refinement and expedition of the approval of the Bangsamoro Omnibus Investment Code during the Bangsamoro Board of Investments Technical Working Group (BBOI TWG) meeting; the lecture on international human rights laws and gender equality issues to delegates of Tri-people Youth for Change (Try-Change) during the Learning Hub Series 2 Strengthening Bangsamoro Young Women’s Rights and Improve Women Recognition on their Socio-Cultural Practices; the lectures on the Formulation of the Internal Rules of Procedure of the Blue-Ribbon Committee; the trainings for the staff members of MP Maisara Dandamun-Latiph and MP Dr. Susana S. Anayatin; the training on Policy Research, Analysis, Drafting, and Advocacy among heads of different youth organizations across the BARMM as part of the YouthLeD project spearheaded by UVPN, TAF, and USAID; and the series of seminar Policy Paper Planning Workshop with the UVPN for the youth leaders and authorized representatives of youth organizations in the BARMM.

Finally, consistent with the mandate of the PRLS in advancing a research culture in critically analyzing the lived experiences of the Bangsamoro peoples, the PRLS has recently won one research grant by DOST-NRCP and two by MOST-BARMM, which aim for the assessment of the sufficiency of foreign aid and development partners in the Bangsamoro region, establishment of “RE-based hybrid” system that will provide Basilan, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi with 24/7 access to electricity, and provision of halal certification industry framework in the BARMM, respectively.

2021 Year-end Accomplishment Report (work in progress)

2022 Mid-year Accomplishment Report (work in progress)

2022 Year-end Accomplishment Report (work in progress)