About us

The Bangsamoro Parliament is supported by the Secretariat in providing the Parliament Members with adequate, relevant, and efficient administrative and technical assistance that enables them to perform legislative tasks and responsibilities. The Secretary General heads the Secretariat and is assisted by different departments and divisions, including the Policy Research and Legal Services.

PRLS is divided into two divisions which, upon requests of Members of and offices in the Parliament, carry and deliver specific focal service areas: the Legislative Research Division whose responsible for the conduct of research works, reviews, commentaries, and studies on legislations, policy issues, and other specific legislative concerns of the Parliament; and the Legislative Measures and Legal Assistance Division, who is task at providing the following services: assistance in reviewing legal documents and drafting legislative measures, technical assistance and legal advice to the Members of the Parliament, providing legal materials to committees on proposed legislations, and legal assistance on administrative cases.

In the pursuit of effectively performing its mandate, PRLS collaborates with research institutions and development partners in both public and private sectors for knowledge sharing, policy dialogue, and capability building. It also assists in the formulation of the legislative agenda of the Parliament and undertakes analyses of the impact of legislation, research, and in-depth studies on identified policy issues.