LMLAD presents statistics of position papers on the proposed BLGC

The Legislative Measures and Legal Assistance Division (LMLAD) of the Policy Research and Legal Services (PRLS), through its Chief Atty. Hisham Nazz A. Biruar, CPA, presented on Monday, 22 May 2023, the overall statistics of the position papers coming from various stakeholders concerning the proposed Parliament Bill No. 30 or the Bangsamoro Local Governance Code (BLGC). 

Throughout the course of public consultations for the proposed Bill, which began in December of 2022, forty-nine (49) position papers and 450 comments and recommendations were received from various stakeholders across the Bangsamoro region. 

According to Atty. Biruar, the positions, comments and recommendations from the stakeholders are an integral part of legislation that demands the inclusion of public scrutiny to ensure their meaningful participation. Atty. Biruar hopes that the statistics will provide the Members of the Parliament a clearer grasp of the public stance on the proposed Bill and aid them in its enactment. 

The presentation was done upon the request of the Committee on Local Government during the first deliberations of the proposed BLGC held at the BTA Session Hall, Shariff Kabunsuan Cultural Complex, Bangsamoro Government Center.

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