Bangsamoro Budget Forum for Fiscal Year 2024

On the 14th of March 2023, the Policy Research and Legal Services (PRLS) took part in the Bangsamoro Budget Forum for Fiscal Year 2024, organized by the BARMM’s Ministry of Finance, and Budget and Management (MFBM). The event was held at the Shariff Kabunsuan Cultural Complex (SKCC) located in the Bangsamoro Government Center, Cotabato City. 

Hon. Ubaida C. Pacasem, MFBM Minister and Member of the Parliament presided over the forum and presented the key features of the Budget Call for Fiscal Year 2024. The forum also provided an opportunity for attendees to engage in productive conversations and ask pressing questions.

The forum was meticulously organized, with personnel from MFBM’s Bangsamoro Budget Office (BBO) presenting a comprehensive overview of the Fiscal Budget Calendar. The information shared was deemed essential for attendees as they prepared their budget proposal for the upcoming year.

Representatives from various BARMM Ministries, offices, agencies, and other stakeholders graced the forum. The diversity of attendees showcased the significance of collaborative decision-making when it comes to budgetary matters of BARMM.

PRLS’ participation in the forum was critical, as it allowed the department to stay informed about the most recent budgetary developments and work together with other government agencies and stakeholders.

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