PRLS, SUBATRA conduct streamlining meeting

Technical officers of the Parliament Policy Research and Legal Services (PRLS) and representatives from EU-funded programme SUBATRA conducted a streamlining meeting at PRLS Board Room in Cotabato CIty, September 22. 

In the meeting, the two parties discussed the following:

  • Orientation for New MPs;
  • Gender Strategy in Parliament;
  • Representation-Benchmarking in Manila;
  • Representation-Engagement with CSOs;
  • Legislation: Bill Drafting Workshop with BAGO;
  • Training Programs for PRLS Technical Staff; and 
  • Creation of a technical working group for the Parliamentary Services Act and the Parliamentary Learning and Training Center.

Division Chief Jehan Mitmug of the BTA Planning Division was also present in the activity. 

| via  Mc Erschad D. Pabillan, LRD

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