PRLS Director, LMLAD Chief serve as resource speakers at BWC’s communication and advocacy workshop

PRLS Director Nassef Manabilang Adiong and LMLAD Chief Atty. Hisham Nazz Biruar were invited as resource speakers during the workshop, “Information Dissemination and Awareness on the Parliamentary Governance in support of the implementation of the Bangsamoro Women Commission Communication and Advocacy Strategy”. They initiated discussions on how women can engage in the BARMM’s parliamentary process on Monday morning, September 26.

Said workshop was facilitated by the Bangsamoro Women Commission (BWC) in partnership with the Mindanao Organization for Social and Economic Progress, Inc. (MOSEP) and The Moropreneur Inc. (TMI). It was also supported by The Asia Foundation (TAF).

The PRLS and BWC believe that women’s political participation in the BARMM region shall be strengthened. They underlined that through “awareness and understanding of the parliament proceedings as women, access to information, and building of effective communication between CSOs and the Parliament,” finer policy drafts and frameworks to serve the needs of the Bangsamoro people better will be established

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