MOST awards PRLS, IBS another research grant for Bangsamoro “halal certification industry” framework

Researchers from the Policy Research and Legal Services (PRLS), still in collaboration with the Institute of Bangsamoro Studies (IBS), have been awarded another research grant from the BARMM’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).

Led by Brian Doce, project leader from IBS, the grant will fund a study to:

• map the developments of the halal certification industry in the Philippines;
• contribute to the institutionalization of the Bangsamoro Halal Board and its action plan;
• formulate a blueprint for stakeholders of future halal ecozones in the region; and
• write a concrete action plan or roadmap to emphasize the position of BARMM as a new halal hub.

In addition, the research also aims to develop a learning module that will synchronize the contributions of local government units, business and industry groups, universities, religious leaders, and other organizations. PRLS research team members to help Doce in accomplishing the above goals are Vincent Casil, Kebart Licayan, Aisah Solaiman, and Anisah Lingga.

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