PRLS Introduces new output: Legislative Fact Sheet

PLS releases its first Legislative Fact Sheet on Social Enterprises.
The document provides supplementary notes to the following proposed bills:

1. BTA Bill No. 124 known as “An Act Providing for the Bangsamoro Cooperative and Social Enterprise Code (BCSEC) Of 2021 For the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM)”

2. BTA Bill No. 157 known as “Bangsamoro Social Enterprise Act of 2021”

Legislative Fact Sheets are composed of curated information prepared by PRLS. Collected facts, descriptions, and statistics are evaluated based on their relevance, soundness, and potential to enrich and substantiate discussions on specific legislation proposed by the Bangsamoro Parliament.

CLICK the download button to access the fact sheet.

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