PRLS lectures on International human rights and gender laws to Tri-people

The Policy Research and Legal Services provided lectures on International Human rights laws and gender equality issues to delegates of Tri-people Youth for Change (Try-Change) during the “Learning Hub Series 2 Strengthening Bangsamoro Young Women’s Rights and Improve Women Recognition on their Socio-Cultural Practices” held in Cotabato City, July 3.

PRLS Legislative Research Division (LRD) Chief Mr. Vincent Casil led the discussion on the International Human Rights law. He underscored its salient provisions that can be a basis to lobby for more gender-equal legislation. PRLS technical Staff, Mr. Mak Bogabong and Mrs. Anisah U. Lingga delivered lectures on gender equality issues. Mr. Bogabong presented the general discourse on gender equality, while Mrs. Lingga delved into more particular matters such as the Anti-dowry Act, Maternity Benefit Acts, and Muslim Women Acts (Protection of Rights on Divorce). Both lectures elucidated the viability of various gender-relevant legislation that can be realized in the Bangsamoro.

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