‘We need critical people’: PRLS-LRD Chief Casil on the importance of people’s engagement in realizing Bangsamoro’s legislative agenda

Legislative Research Division (LRD) Chief Mr. Vincent Casil, on Wednesday, said in an interview with the Bangsamoro Ngayon Teleradyo program that people’s engagement in realizing the Bangsamoro Parliament’s legislative agenda is vital.

“For a democracy to be successful, we need critical mass. We need critical people to truly engage in this democratic process [in the Bangsamoro region],” he stressed during the program. According to him, the Bangsamoro people, especially the youth, have an important role to play in achieving lasting peace for the region. The functions of the Policy Research and Legal Services (PRLS) and its contribution to policy-making were also explained during the interview. Said radio program was aired through the efforts of USAID, The Asia Foundation, and United Voices for Peace Network.

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