PRLS Mentors MOH-BARMM Research Proponents

The Ministry of Health BARMM (MOH-BARMM) has formed partnership with the Policy Research and Legal Services (PRLS) of the BTA Parliament for mentoring their research proponents on health research which took off last March 22-25, 2022, at the Grand Summit Hotel, General Santos City.

Research mentoring is part of the service deliverables of the PRLS under Legislative Workshops. The main objective of the formed partnership with the MOH-BARMM is to help the proponents in coming up with health research proposals and guide them throughout the implementation of their research.

Five health research studies were proposed during the program. The proposed titles, the researchers, and their respective PRLS mentors are presented below

1. How to make Epidemiology and Surveillance Units Functional in BARMM

Researchers: Ms. Katherine Gay G. Villanueva and Ms. Zenaida K. Pandita

Mentor: Mr. Nashrolah S. Langco, Legislative Staff Officer, PRLS Office of the Service Director

2. Respiratory Therapist Job Perceptions: The Impact of Protocol Use in Amai Pakpak and CRMC

Researchers: Dr. Mohammad Candao and Ms. Shymalyn Guialel

Mentor: Mr. Mc Erschad D. Pabillan, Legislative Staff Officer, PRLS Legislative Research Division

3. Factors affecting why pregnant mothers opt for home delivery over Rural Health Unit Facility in the Island of Tawi-Tawi

Researchers: Ms. Michelle F. Lu and Ms. Bai Hazrat Fatima Biruar

Mentor: Ms. Anisah U. Lingga, Legislative Staff Officer, PRLS Legislative Measures and Legal Assistance Division

4. Factors Affecting the Hesitancy and Uptake of COVID 19 Vaccines in BARMM, Philippines

Researchers: Dr. Nihaya P. Macasindil and Ms. Lilian P. Macadupang

Mentor: Mr. Kebart P. Licayan, Legislative Staff Officer, PRLS Legislative Research Division

5. Health Literacy Assessment in the Province of Basilan: A cross-sectional survey using the Health Literacy Questionnaire (HLQ)

Researchers: Ms. Nasiba Masuhul and Mr. Eldhi Francis B. Alibangbang

Mentor: Mr. Vincent L. Casil, Chief, PRLS Legislative Research Division

As stated in PRLS Training Design for Mentorship, the PRLS mentors’ responsibilities extend well beyond helping novice researchers (NR) learn what is entailed in the research and writing components of the research mentoring program. PRLS mentors also incorporate NR into the culture of the discipline, clarifying and reinforcing—principally by example—what is expected of a professional scholar.

Moreover, a research board was formed consisting of Ms. Lilian P. Macadupang, head of the Research and Development Unit of MOH-BARMM; PRLS director Nassef M. Adiong; and Mr. Vincent L. Casil. The board acts as the panelist during the presentation of the research proposals of the proponents.

The revised proposals shall be presented by the proponents to MOH to request for funding. As of writing, the proponents and their mentors continue to keep in touch to give updates on their research.

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