PRLS Observes Ramadan with Grand Iftar

The Policy Research and Legal Services (PRLS) held a Grand Iftar on April 19 in observance of Ramadan. Ramadan is the holiest month of the year in Islamic culture. For Muslims, it’s a time for spiritual reflection and growth; it’s also the perfect opportunity to help those in need and spend more time with friends and families. The sacred month of Ramadan is practiced by fasting from food and water and abstaining from committing evil deeds from the start of dawn to sunset every day.

Iftar marks the end of each day’s fast and often celebrates and brings together the community. Ramadan also emphasizes a renewed commitment to generosity and charity, and iftar is connected to those values as well. Providing food for others to break their fast is considered an important part of the observance. As part of the event, the dinner also serves as a celebration and thanksgiving for its newly appointed staff. The gathering also welcomes the new employees of PRLS and congratulates the Service’s new lawyers who have recently passed the Bar examination 2020-2021

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