Policy Commentary 2: Media representation of women in the Bangsamoro region: A case of Mindanao Expose

Media representation of women in the Bangsamoro region: A case of Mindanao Expose

Authored by: Keindel Maha D. Vizcarra

This paper aims to contribute to the discussion on how media represent women in the  Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (BARMM). Given the interlocking issues of religion, culture, and economic conditions, the research engages the question of how women in BARMM are represented in media to understand how these representations could contribute to the existing gender structures in BARMM, whether just or unjust. This study analyzes the contents of Mindanao Expose, a weekly newspaper based in Cotabato City, for a four-month period. Through content analysis, this study shows that despite the underrepresentation of women in the news, as men still dominate the news images, the newspaper has moved beyond the depiction of women as simply sexualized, subordinate, or in their traditional roles; instead, women in BARMM are seen as formal, active, and someone who is engaged in public. Based on these representations, one can draw the conclusion that the representation of women in BARMM through news platforms has the potential to challenge stereotypes against women and promote more meaningful roles and conditions for Bangsamoro women. 

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