PRLS Conducts a Series of Skills Training on Basic Bill Drafting to Selected Bill Drafters of BARMM

BARMM Parliament’s Policy Research and Legal Services in partnership with The Office of the Member of the Parliament Atty. Maisara C. Damdamun-Latiph and Support to Bangsamoro Transition (SUBATRA) has conducted a series of skills training on basic bill drafting to selected bill drafters of the offices of the MPs from March 22-29, 2022, held in Cotabato City and Marawi City.

Bill drafting plays a significant role in making quality and sound legislation. It is the stage where policies are translated into legal form. Thus, a bill drafter should have a strong command of language and be able to use precise words. A bill drafter should also be aware of the issues involved in writing legislation.

In this series of skills training, the participants were introduced to the fundamental processes of bill drafting, including stages of legislation in the Bangsamoro Parliament, the form and structure of a bill, and a resolution.

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