Policy Commentary 1: “A Step towards Historical [In]justices: Reforming the Bangsamoro History”

A Step towards Historical [In]justices: Reforming the Bangsamoro History

Authored by: Kebart Licayan

The Bangsamoro Day is observed on January 21st, as stipulated in the Bangsamoro Administrative Code. This year, the Bangsamoro Government celebrated its third founding anniversary with the theme, “Changing Peoples’ Lives, Transforming the Bangsamoro: Celebrating and Sustaining the Gains of Peace and Moral Governance.” This subject focuses on the regional government’s achievements in creating peace and development, as well as reforming the Bangsamoro, over the last three years.

As a parliamentary professional working for the regional government, I had to rethink what our accomplishments were, and how we could maintain them. Indeed, the regional government has made numerous accomplishments in the last three years, allowing the region to maintain its peace and order. However, there is still work to be done in the coming years. The redress of historical injustices was one of the most important elements in the formation of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region.


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