PRLS joins MHSD’s Writeshop on PLUC and RLUC 

The Policy Research and Legal Services (PRLS) participated in a Writeshop on Provincial Land Use Committee (PLUC) and Regional Land Use Committee (RLUC) Processes hosted and organized by the Ministry of Human Settlements and Development (MHSD) held in 10th to 12th of January 2022 at Microtel, General Santos City. 

The two-part writeshops were spearheaded by experts from the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development-Region 12 (DHSUD-XII)- resource speakers Jovita G. Solarte, Supervising Administrative Officer, and Alberto P. Sero, Chief of Environmental Land and Urban Planning Division. Both of the esteemed lecturers gave assistance and guidance to MHSD in drafting a proposal of the guidelines for the RLUC/PLUC review processes, adapted for the context of the BARMM. 

The said proposal will cover processes on the Review and Approval of Comprehensive Land Use Plans (CLUPs), inter-agency endorsements, checklist guides for Local Government Units upon submission to the MHSD, certifications, and BARMM’s own list of review parameters, as discussed throughout the writeshop.

Participants from other offices too such as the Local Government Development Division of the Ministry of Interior and Local Government (MILG), Local Planning and Coordination Division of the Bangsamoro Planning and Development Authority (BPDA), and the   MILG-Maguindanao Provincial Office also took part in the said event.

After the writeshop, the PRLS, headed by Mr. Nashrolah Langco from the Office of the Service Director, expressed its support and assistance through a substantive and thorough review of the proposal as part of the action points for review and feedback in the coming weeks before submission of the proposal.

The Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) is an instrument for the local government unit to allocate available land resources to different sectors of its territory for different functions. It must conform with the provincial and regional land use plans–with focus on identifying areas highly susceptible to calamities and climate change.

As part of its overall preparation, the MHSD has so far extended its technical team to various Local Government Units (LGUs) within BARMM in the profiling of their respective Comprehensive Land Use Plans (CLUP) as well as coaching workshops. The initiative was to identify future interventions and technical assistance that the ministry may extend concerning the updating and approval of their CLUPs and Zoning Ordinances (ZOs).

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