Policy Note 1: “On the Production of Educational Materials tailored to the needs of the Bangsamoro People”

On the Production of Educational Materials tailored to the needs of the Bangsamoro People

Authored by Vincent L. Casil

Education plays a key role in building communities. It develops the population into skilled and knowledgeable citizens, integral for a well-functioning society. In the Bangsamoro context, education is not only an institution that trains its citizens to learn various skills. More than its practical functions, it also has a humanistic task of shaping its people’s sense-making on social issues, history, and identity. This goal could be achieved by introducing the relevant materials that explore the Bangsamoro conditions so that the students could have a meaningful understanding of the region’s social, historical, and cultural setting. However, such a crucial task could not be achieved if there is a scarcity of educational materials that embodies the unique Bangsamoro experience and worldview. Without the necessary materials, the aspiration for a more developed and just Bangsamoro society that can authentically determine its fate is hardly achievable.

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