PRLS conducts Seminar-Workshop on Moral Governance

DAB Education and Extension Services Division Chief Sheikh Yusoph Adzaman, PhD is leading one of the sessions of the seminar-workshop.

Further capacitating the Policy Research and Legal Services’ (PRLS) staff, another seminar-workshop was conducted by the office in close cooperation with Support for Bangsamoro Transition (SUBATRA) on 15-17 of December 2021. This time, the focus was all about the concept of moral governance.

The three day seminar-workshop was a mix of lectures and activities. Resource speakers from various organizations such as the Development Academy of Bangsamoro (DAB) were invited to lead the lectures while a number of PRLS staff led the activities geared towards incorporating moral governance into the office’s official workings and processes.

The PRLS extends its gratitude to all participants, resource speakers, and to the Development Academy of Bangsamoro (DAB), who took part in the success of the event.

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