Bangsamoro Parliament commends Director Nassef Manabilang Adiong’s “stellar career”

COTABATO CITY – “The Parliament aspires that the Bangsamoro young populace and the succeeding generations shall be inspired with Dr Adiong’s stellar career of bringing glory, pride, honor, and excellence back to the Bangsamoro society,” members of the Parliament expressed through an approved resolution. 

Dr Nassef Manabilang Adiong is the tenured director of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority’s (BTA) Policy Research and Legal Services. He is a prolific researcher, writer, and educator who has devoted his life to Islamic International Relations and Bangsamoro Studies. 

Just recently, he was conferred with the “UP Scientist” title under the highest rank of Scientist III of the University of the Philippines Scientific Productivity System — making him the first Moro to achieve such recognition. 

His expertise, based on the adopted measure, “extends beyond the Philippine soil.”  Among the awards he has been adorned with are:

  • Outstanding Young Men and Women (TOYM) of the Philippines honoree;
  • Plaque of Recognition’ from the Philippine Embassy in Ankara as the first outstanding Filipino PhD holder and mentor of Filipino scholars and students in Turkey;
  • Republic of Turkey’s Outstanding PhD Candidate award in Ankara;
  • Centennial Professorial Chair award from the University of the Philippines;
  • Graduate Courses Performance Award (Most Successful PhD student in International Relations);
  • University of the Philippines’ International Publication Award;
  • Mentor Zeemo recognition by the Armed Forces of the Philippines AFP) Civil Military Operation School;
  • Professorial Chairholder in Political Science and International Relations” award by the Polytechnic University of the Philippines;
  • Most Outstanding Alumni of the University of the East;
  • Nomination to the Embassy of the Philippines in Turkey for the Republic of the Philippines’ Presidential Award for Filipino Individual Overseas, also known as Pamana ng Pilipino award.

Dr Adiong also founded several research organizations, including the International Relations and Islamic Studies Research Cohort (Co-IRIS) in 2012, Philippine International Studies Organization (PHISO) in 2015, and Decolonial Studies Research Network (DSRN) in 2019.

With more than 50 scholarly books, journal articles, edited volumes and other publications, Director Adiong, according to the MPs, has provided significant contributions to advance the research development of the Bangsamoro region. 

Parliament Speaker Atty. Ali Pangalian Balindong, with MPs Engr. Baintan Ampatuan, Atty. Omar Yasser Sema, Amilbahar Mawallil, Atty. Laisa Alamia, and Atty. Rasol Mitmug introduced the resolution in the plenary. 

It was co-authored by MPs Engr. Don Mustapha Loong, Atty. Suharto Ambolodto, Rasul Ismael, Romeo Saliga, Eddie Alih, Abdullah Hashim, Ziaur-Rahman Adiong, Atty. Maisara Damdamun-Latiph, and Hatimil Hassan. (Policy Research and Legal Services)

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