The Bangsamoro Parliament is supported by the Secretariat in providing the Parliament Members with adequate, relevant, and efficient administrative and technical assistance that enables them to perform legislative tasks with representation and oversight responsibilities. The Secretary General heads the Secretariat and is assisted by different departments and divisions, including the Policy Research and Legal Services (PRLS).

The PRLS Office of the Service Director supervises the entire management operations, organizes mandate-relevant activities, evaluates the works of the divisions and oversees their deliverables, facilitates legislative workshops, initiates stakeholder’s partnerships with guidance of the Secretary-General and approval of the Parliament Speaker, and manages its virtual presence. It has two divisions that carry and deliver specific focal services.

(1) Legislative Research Division produces legislative research reviews (LRR) and legislative research notes (LRN) as well as conducts policy research workshops.

(2) Legislative Measures and Legal Assistance Division constructs legal reviews, legal opinions, and provide salient legal primers, including legal assistance on Parliament-related issues, and conducts bill drafting workshops.